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Let's go around the history of more than a thousand years

The Ise Saikoku Kannon Pilgrimage is an ancient pilgrimage which is visited by many people who come to pray at Ise Shrine.
Please go on this religious journey to discover the miraculous power of Kannon and the beauty of the Ise province.

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The Official Pilgrimage organised by the Pilgrimage Association

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Deliver Ise Saikoku Kannon Pilgrimage to the World


Greetings from the Chairman

On behalf of the Pilgrimage Association, I would like to say a few words.
This pilgrimage is an ancient Kannon pilgrimage of Ise Province that has started in Heian period and continued for a thousand years. It is said that during Edo period (17th-19th Century), when the pilgrimage to Ise Shrine became popular, many people used to also make "another Ise pilgrimage".
I know it is confusing, but what is important in this era?
It is neither money nor a smartphone.
We would like you, people living in the 21st Century, the Age of science, to intentionally make the Ise Saikoku Kannon Pilgrimage, a pilgrimage that probably your ancestors also made. Through the Kannon pilgrimage and the temples, protected by our ancestors for generations, we want to share the idea of the true "pure heart" with as many people as possible.
I pray that by making the pilgrimage, you will gain a "virtue", which is the "awareness", and that you will gain a spiritual nourishment to live a better and happy life in the future.
Yours sincerely
"The moment you set your mind it seems far and difficult, but once you start it is easy, Ise Pilgrimage…"
  • Ise Saikoku Kannon Pilgrimage
  • The Temple Number 24 Kōjinyama Kannon-ji
  • Abbot Murakami Michio