FAQ – 伊勢西国三十三所観音巡礼公式サイト
We will answer frequently asked questions.


  • Where can I buy the Goshuin stamp book?

    The official Goshuin stamp book is distributed at each temple for 1000 yen, so please purchase it at the nearest temple.
    If you live far away, we will mail it to you, so please contact the secretariat. We will mail it after confirming the payment of the stamp book fee and the shipping fee.
    The name of the Goshuin stamp book of this pilgrimage is “Hōnōkyō” (Offering Sutra).

  • How much is the stamp fee?

    For the stamp of the official Goshuin stamp book, we ask that you pay a fee of 300 yen or more. It is unified in all temples.
    As for other stamps and calligraphies, the payment fee differs depending on the temple, so please check at each temple.

  • Is it better to visit the temples in order? Should the Bangai (not counted) temples be the last ones to visit?

    The numbers given to the temples are based on the old pilgrimage route, so it is not always the shortest route. You may visit the temples depending on your starting point, schedule, or transportation conditions.

  • Should I come wearing white pilgrimage clothes? Where should I buy them?

    There are no rules concerning the pilgrimage clothes. Originally the white clothes were a shroud, representing a strong commitment of the pilgrim who was ready to die during the practice. In the past the practice done during the pilgrimage was dangerous and could lead to death. White color also represents a pure heart of the pilgrim standing in front of Buddha and Kannon. It may be fun to wear something different from everyday clothes for the time of the pilgrimage. White pilgrimage clothes can be purchased at the stores with Buddhist products.

  • Is it open all year round? What are the opening hours?

    Basically there are no holidays. As a general rule, the opening time is from 8:00 to 17:00, but to be sure you may contact and confirm the time at each temple. You may also check the details on this site in the details section of each temple.