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Ise Saikoku Kannon Pilgrimage Official app

Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This application handles information about the following users.

Email address

This application retains the user’s email address when signing in with an email address or signing in with another provider (Google account, Facebook account, Signin with Apple ID). The retained email address will be used for the purpose of signing in to this app and backing up the data generated within the app. We will not use the retained e-mail address for any purpose other than the above purposes (except when requested by the owner of the e-mail address and the agent specified by the owner). If you delete your account with this app, we will erase your email address and all the data created by signing in with that email address as soon as possible. In addition, the Ise Saikoku Kannon Pilgrimage (hereinafter referred to as the Pilgrimage Association) and the vendors outsourced to the operation of this app may view the email address held for the operation of this app. We will not provide or disclose your e-mail address to any third party other than the Pilgrimage Association and the contractor. If the operator of this application subcontracts the operation of the application to another company, the e-mail address will not be disclosed to the subcontractor.

location information

We will use the user’s location information for the following two purposes.

  • ・Display of the user’s current position in the guide function using a map and route search to the specified sacred place (Route search uses the Google Map function)
  • ・Check your current location at check-in using a QR code

The location information acquired in this app will not be retained in this app or in the server or database to which this app connects, except when using it on Google Map when searching for a route.


The camera of your smartphone is used to read the QR code. Images taken when reading the QR code with this app will not be saved in the phone, in this app, or in the server or database connected to this app. All information read from the QR code with this application will not be saved except for the information in the prescribed format assumed by this application.


In order to use the check-in function by NFC tag (IC tag), use the NFC function of the smartphone. All the information read from the NFC tag by this application will not be saved except for the information in the prescribed format assumed by this application.


This app accesses the media in the smartphone, reads image data such as photos, and displays it in the app. The scanned image is used only for display within the app, and is not saved or transferred to a location other than the device.