Number 1Taikō-ji temple – 伊勢西国三十三所観音巡礼公式サイト

Number 1Taikō-ji temple

History of the temple

According to records passed down in the temple, Taikō-ji was built during the reign of Emperor Shōmu (724-749). It was founded by Gyōki (668-749, a famous monk who traveled around Japan to preach to commoners), who during a pilgrimage to Ise Shrine had a vision in a dream. In that vision Goddess of the Sun Amaterasu ordered him to build the temple. Later in the year 825, during the founding of Kongōshō-ji, its founder Kūkai (Kōbō Daishi, 774-835, the founder of Shingon sect) repeatedly visited Taikō-ji and during his stay introduced the Shingon mantra. During his reign, Emperor Daigo (897-930) issued a command and officially chose the temple as an Imperial temple. Since then Taikō-ji was flourishing but in the 12th Century its popularity declined and the buildings turned into ruins. In the years 1185-1190 the senior priest of Ise Shrine Naikū – Arakida Narinaga rebuilt all of the temple’s buildings and donated the main statue of Senju Kannon (Thousand-Armed Kannon). Thanks to his effort Taikō-ji returned to its former glory. In 1615 after a lightning struck, a fire started and consumed all of the temple’s buildings. Miraculously the main Kannon statue was saved.


Between 1688 and 1704 the Main Hall and Niōmon gate, which survive to this day, were rebuilt thanks to the patronage of the Hasegawa family – protectors of the Suō province, who were official commissioners (bugyō) of the Ise Shrine at the time. Taikō-ji has a strong connection with Ise Shrine and thanks to patronage of many of the historical commissioners, the temple could overcome many difficulties. Their devotion towards temple’s Goddess Kannon helped Taikō-ji to survive and prosper until contemporary times.



Eleven-Faced Kannon enshrined at Edera Chōonzan Taikōji.

Temple number 1 of Ise Pilgrimage.

The stacks in the deep sea of Futami bay watched by a Buddha from nearby Edera temple.


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  • Sect

    Shingon Daigo branch

  • Religious service

    Senju Kannon
    (Thousand-Armed Kannon)


  • Address

    Mie Prefecture Ise Futami-cho E 1659

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  • Stamp place

    Temple's counter

  • Opening hours

    8:00 - 17:00

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